Seek Thermal CompactPRO FF micro-USB IR camera, -40 bis +330 °C, 320 x 240 Pixel, 15 Hz

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Infrared camera compactPRO USB-C

The compactPRO is our most advanced thermal imaging camera for Smarthphones.

CompactPRO is our most advanced thermal imaging camera designed for your smartphone. Made for iPhone® and Android™ top models, this highly-portable thermal imaging camera features a large, 320x240 thermal sensor with high sensitivity and a wide, 32-degree field of view. Offering adjustable thermal span, level, and emissivity settings, the CompactPRO delivers unprecedented high-resolution thermal imaging and software capabilities available at this price.

A Seek Thermal camera can be used anywhere using, for example, leaks in water pipes, roof, walls, windows for leaks; electronic connections; energy guzzlers in the budget. It works in complete darkness, the hellichten day and in poor visibility - simply with your smartphone and downloading the app to infrared radiation/temperature differences visually with selectable wrong colors. The wide viewing angle of 32 degrees is particularly suitable for thermal tests - Seek Thermal is ideal for DIY, inspectors, plumbers, electricians, experts, specialists for insulation technology and HVAC, carpet cleaning companies, farmers and many other groups.


  • Connection micro-USB
  • 15 Hz IR Camera
  • Temperature measurement range:-40 up to +330 °C
  • 320 x 240 pBolometer matrix
  • Thermal sensitivity 75 mK
  • Measurement distance 15 cm - 550 m

Product Highlights

  • High-resolution temperature sensor: 320 x 240 pixels temperature sensor for optimal picture sharpness and sensitivity
  • With adjustable degree of emission and fully radiometric: calibration for the direction of mirroring surfaces or backgrounds, when it comes to accuracy
  • Wide 32° field of view: searches in a matter of seconds in a wide range of threats from
  • Focusable optics for quick detection: at distances of 15 cm up to 550 m sharply focus
  • Used battery and display of the smartphones: Intuitive, free app from Google Play or from the iTunes App Store
  • Waterproof Transport Case: securely protected from the elements in their own transport case
  • Just plug it in and search for: User-friendly pocket format
  • More details see when it comes down to it: With modulation and tension control important details insulate and hold
  • Mechanical and electrical equipment exactly examine: rapid diagnosis and assessment of the problem source
  • Hazardous environments monitor: potentially dangerous situations from a safe distance review
  • Day or night does not play a role: locations make sure check whether in daylight or in the dark
  • Document and parts made easy: precise documentation through pictures and videos from the plant inspections.


  • IR Camera
  • Transport case
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Free app for Android devices in the usual download portals available With the free app you can save your settings Select Seek Thermal, pictures and videos directly on your smartphone record and parts. The product must be registered during the initial setup via the app.

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