HERSCH Digital Laser Distance Meter LEM 20

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HERSCH LEM 20 is a compact, handy device and despite being an entry level model it has a state of the art design and a modern holistic functionality with innovations such as a touchscreen colour backlit display and a spectacularly light weight of only 78 gms. So if you are looking for a highly accurate laser based device for measurement and calculations - look no further.

Accuracy & Range: the LEM 20 has a measuring range of up to 20 metres indoors with an accuracy of ± 2 mm and an incline sensor accuracy of ± 0.3°.

Modern Twist: the touchscreen functionality makes the LEM 20 extremely user friendly. Whilst there is one button for power on/off as well as reseting the device and another for starting the measurement. The intuitive colour touchscreen will definitely take your experience to a new level since you can choose between different measuring functions, different measuring units (in/ft/m and even ft+in) and by popular demand different measuring benchmarks (Front/Rear/Tripod) - essentially optimising whichever activity you are pursuing.

Value-Added Features: despite the compact design and apparent simplicity the HERSCH LEM 20 also has functions such as continuous measurement, length, area and also advanced features like angle, min/max and 2 point Pythagoras indirect measurements. The Pythogoras features is beneficial for remote measuring of heights/lengths, where no direct visibility is available. Levelling applications and angle measurements are easily done with the integrated incline sensor.

Automatic Switch-Off: to ensure the battery’s longevity, after 180 seconds of inactivity the instrument automatically switches off.

Backlight Colour Display: the three-line-display is easy to read in varying light conditions. The bottom line bold numbers indicate the measuring result and the two lines above in smaller print indicate the intermediate results.

Small & Handy: the device’s ergonomic design ensures that it gives your hand a comfortable grip. The same soft form factor also offers all around protection. Additionally, the robust & shockproof skeleton housing has an IP54 rating (splash & dust protection). The LEM 20 is compact enough to fit in any pocket and light enough (78 gms) not to be a burden.

Digital Laser Measurer HERSCH LEM 20: is the best and right choice for you to conduct any home home-based activity whether your are doing it for yourself or a client!

Technical Data:

• Measuring Range: 15 to 20 metres

• Measuring Accuracy (Typical): ± 0.2 mm

• Laser Class / Laser Diode: 2 / 635 nm, < 1mW

• Splash & Dust Protection: IP54

• Incline Sensor Accuracy (Typical): ± 0.3°

• Operating Temperature: 0°C to + 40 °C

• Power Source: 2 x 1,5V AAA batteries

• Weight (including batteries): 78 gms

• Dimensions: 100x35x22 mm

Features: Colour Display with Touch-Screen, Area Measurement, Tilt Sensor, Continuous Measurement, 2-Point Pythagoras function for remote measuring of heights, Auto Switch-Off, Reference Range Switch, 1/4 inch Tripod Mounting Thread.

Gift Box Contains:

• HERSCH LEM 20 Laser Measurement Device

• Pouch

• 2 x 1,5V AAA batteries

• Manual

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