HERSCH Digital Laser Distance Meter LEM 100

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HERSCH LEM 100 is an innovative and professional laser distance measuring device that has an immensely comprehensive functionality as well as the user friendliness that all HERSCH devices are known for. Its core feature is the revolutionary 3D (point to point) measuring feature. It also uses Bluetooth functionality for transferring data to our hands-on mobile app. Additional features are as you would expect from such a high-calibre device, including: angle measurement and levelling applications with the integrated tilt sensor, fast charging of the rechargeable Ni-MH batteries via the USB-C port, just like your mobile phone. It also has the IP65 certification - giving the device protection against water & dust - making it best-in-class! Furthermore, even in the daylight the LEM 100 delivers reliable accuracy of up to 100 metres. The measurement accuracy is typically at ±2.0 mm.

Bluetooth® and Innovative Free App: using the best available technology to transfer your data to our mobile app allows you to access a wide range of practical applications such as editing your floor plans & pictures by adding actual measurements, documenting and forwarding your data to the back office. The ‘Space-Master’ app not only allows you to forward data in regular data formats such as PDF, but also professional data format such as .dwg. This optimises your workflow and leads to efficiency & effectiveness since you can transfer the reality at the construction site into digital and furthermore to your colleagues or client/s in no time, dealing & solving with problems in a real time basis.

3D Measuring from Point to Point: want to determine the distance of two random points in the distance? Its simple just measure the distance to point 1 and then to point 2 and the distance between the two points will be displayed on the device. This is a revolutionary feature, which is effective and optimises your workflow.

Robust Protection (IP65) for rough working conditions: Built for convenient measuring, the ergonomic design has a soft grip that combined with the shockproof skeleton housing can sustain a drop from up to 2 metres. The IP65 certification gives it a best-in-class rating when it comes to protection against water and dust, making the LEM 100 one of the best devices in the market.

Value-Added Features: The LEM 100 can easily add & subtract and automatically calculate the area and volume. With the Pythagoras function, you can easily execute indirect measurements of height & length such as measuring the height of a multi-storey building with no direct sight or obstacle in the way or even the measurements between 2 to 3 points. The integrated inclinometer is excellent for levelling applications as well as inclination measurement. For indoor diagonal measurements the Min / Max function is extremely useful. There is also a memory function to recall the last 30 measurements, ensuring that your most recent data is readily available. Whilst using the LEM 100 you can choose between different measuring units (in/ft/m/ft+in) and the auto switch-off function will ensure that the battery is conserved for when you need it (the device switches of after 180 seconds of inactivity). The normal measurement functions from the back of the instrument, but this can also be conducted from the front or from the tripod mounting thread.

Rotating Colour Display with Touchscreen: The 4 line illuminated display and the clearly visible symbols allow you to work even in the worst weather conditions. The results displayed on the screen are visible from any angle. The touchscreen is intuitive and easy to navigate. Additionally, the IP65 dust proof and water proof certification means that you can even rinse the HERSCH LEM 100 under running water.

In summary, the HERSCH LEM 100 is a modern, highly accurate laser distance measuring device which will fast become a reliable companion for all the professional-minded out there!

Technical Data:

Measurement Range: 0.05 to 100 metres

Measurement Accuracy (Typical): ± 2.0 mm

Laser Class / Laser Diode: 2 / 635 nm, < 1 mW

Splash & Dust Protection Class: IP65

Tilt-Sensor Accuracy (Typical): ± 0.3°

Memory Capacity: Last 30 Measurements

Operating Temperature: 0°C to + 40°C

Battery Required: 3 x 1,2V AAA rechargeable Ni-MH (800 mAh)

Weight (incl. batteries) 132 gms

Dimensions: 112x46x22 mm

Functions & Features: Touchscreen Navigation, Area / Volume Measurement, Tilt Measurement, Rotating Colour Display with Backlight, 3D point-to-point measurements, Bluetooth 4.0, Free Mobile App (Edit / Save / Transfer Data in PDF, .dwg, .bmp formats), Min / Max Measurements, Continuous Measurements, Memory Backup, Add / Subtract, Pythagoras 2 & 3 points, Auto Switch-Off, Reference Point Switch and 1/4 inch Tripod Mounting Thread.

Box Contains:

• HERSCH LEM 100 Digital Laser Measurement Device

• Pouch

• 3 x 1,2V AAA Ni-MH rechargeable 800 mAh batteries

• Micro-USB cable

• Manual

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