About us

The HERSCH brand stands for high quality professional equipment.

We are an international company and utilise our multi-national expertise to ensure that you OUR VALUABLE CUSTOMERS get not only the best of our efforts, but also the best in the marketplace.

Focus on QUALITY is central to our ethos and we have so much faith in our experience as well as our ‘best-in-class’ technology that we offer extended limited warrantee on all our products.

This combined with our competitive prices ensure you enjoy the highest VALUE at the lowest possible prices!

We belief in building LONG TERM RELATIONSHIPS with our customers & our partners and the synergy of our engineering, production and sales teams are geared towards the same.

Our products are built on the ideal that: LATEST TECHNOLOGY = HIGHEST ACCURACY.

Furthermore, they are innovative and rugged, satisfying the tough needs and conditions of a construction site but are simple enough to enjoy the satisfaction of completing your own DIY projects.